All three Shrinkage Tester models leave our factory only after a thorough pre-delivery inspection following manufacture.

This includes a comprehensive calibration of shrinkage %, load in Newtons and many days of ‘soak’ test setting  optimum temperature gradients. All shrinkage testers are calibrated individually.

We suggest that these parameters will be good for at least 12-18 months, after such time, checking procedures may be carried out by you The Customer/User or if any doubt, the tester can be returned to Testrite for calibration.

Calibration procedures can be obtained by contacting us on


Clip Weights

List of clip weights can be supplied. Individually made to required sizes from 3 to 300 gram .  Price list upon request.


Spares & Repairs

Draft shield available, relating to A.S.T.M, suitable for MK3 and MK5 only.

We also offer a repair service should any part require replacement due to accidental damage etc or fatigue of  components.

For the above reasons, we recommend that the specially designed packing box be retained for use in case the return of the tester is necessary.