Yarn Shrinkage Testers Designed & Made in the UK

Testrite who are highly regarded as the world leader for Yarn Shrinkage Tester Equipment have recently celebrated over 50 years in the industry. Based in the ‘Industrial North’ of England where textiles were once king. All our yarn shrinkage testing machines are designed and made in the UK. Now exporting over 90% of their production overseas including China, India, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Germany, U.S.A. Czech Rep. Poland, Brazil, etc.

Precision Instruments – Precise Results

The Yarn Shrinkage Tester Equipment which are solely produced by Testrite include the now famous Patent Heat Yarn Shrinkage Testers. These units are as a direct evolution from an original idea which was designed to meet the critical performance of the tyre industry many decades ago with collaboration of The Tyre Technical Division of Dunlop Rubber Ltd.

We are now on the sixth version of this very successful tester which measures free shrinkage and shrinkage force.

Customers have the opportunity to purchase either from our agents in all the major continents of the world or directly from our base in the U.K. We strive to update and improve with Modern Technology, and we endeavour to display our range of equipment in an easy to use form. Our sales office is always available to handle your enquiries quickly and efficiently, and can be contacted 24 hours a day by either E-mail or Fax